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National Fire Academy – Off-Campus Deliveries

What Is It?

The Off-Campus Delivery Program offers the same 1-2 week courses normally taught at the U.S. Fire Administration's National Fire Academy facility located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The NFA's Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) which operates within the 10 Federal Government Regions, provides the structure through which regional deliveries are offered. The TRADE network comprises the training and education administrators of the 50 state fire training systems, and more than 150 of the largest local fire departments throughout the United States.

Students who participate in Off-Campus Deliveries have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and information with colleagues from throughout their region in a informal setting outside the classroom. This program, along with other resources of the National Fire Academy, insure a totally successful learning experience while keeping the time commitment and costs, to an absolute minimum.

Who Is Eligible?

All fire and rescue service personnel who meet the established student selection criteria for the course for which they are interested are eligible to apply.

Command and Control of Fire Department Operations: Target Hazards

March 24 - 29, 2014

Command and Control of Fire Department Operations at Target Hazards Brochure – PDF

FEMA General Admissions Application Form 119-25-1 – PDF [650 kb]

Instructions on how to obtain a FEMA Student Identification number – PDF [70 kb]

Course Description

This 6-day course is designed to introduce command officers to the complexities involved in commanding incidents in high-risk areas. Students are confronted with a number of fire and rescue incidents that include high life hazard, multiple exposure, and unusual occupancy risk considerations. Students are introduced to advanced applications in the Incident Command System (ICS), command and control, decisionmaking, strategic and tactical considerations, preincident preparation, documentation, and postincident analysis. Several simulations and case studies are used to depict and review incidents in various types of target hazards. Some examples of these are penal institutions, bulk oil-storage facilities, nursing homes, colleges, chemical/agricultural manufacturing plants, and grain elevators. This course is very comprehensive and uses lecture, case study, simulation, and student participation as instructional methods. This class is not a tactics class, but explains the development of Incident Management Teams.

Class Size

Maximum of 30 students, Minimum of 20 students.


Student Selection Criteria

Individuals or Company Officers who would have the responsibility to command incidents involving target hazards. Also, officers who may have this responsibility eventually and are upwardly mobile in their organizations may be considered. Certification in the form of a letter of recommendation from their fire department that they meet the selection criteria based on the need and organizational structure of the department being represented is required.




Springfield Fire Department Training Facility
2620 West Battlefield
Springfield, MO 65807




No cost. This course is being provided by the National Fire Academy via the Off-Campus Delivery Program.

Hotel Information

Students are responsible for their own lodging and travel arrangements.


The National Fire Academy requires a minimum of 20 students to be registered 40 days in advance (February 12, 2014) of the class start date. Once the minimum number of students are met, applications will continue to be accepted, up to the maximum of 30 students.

To register, complete the FEMA General Admissions Application Form 119-25-1 and return to MU FRTI before the registration deadline. Applicants will need a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number.

FEMA General Admissions Application Form 119-25-1 – PDF [650 kb]

Instructions on how to obtain a FEMA Student Identification number – PDF [70 kb]

3 Easy Ways to Register!

Download the Registration Form Here

Send completed forms along with any additional documentation by one of the following methods:

  1. Fax: 573-882-0678
  2. E-Mail:
  3. Mail: Your completed form to:
    1110 South College Avenue, Room 232
    Columbia, MO 65211-3410


Point of Contact

Questions can be addressed by calling MU FRTI at 800-869-3476 or be e-mail at

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