Strategies of Leadership: Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers

Strategies of Leadership: Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers

This workshop focuses on the important need to retain existing volunteers. These volunteers, then, become recruiters for future volunteers. To increase retention, five tactical approaches are spotlighted. They include: Leadership; Emotional support; Training; Fun; and, Recognition and incentives. Combined with these tactics, recruitment is then organized around organizational, personal and operational considerations. Participants leave with practical, proven ideas to retain their current volunteer cadre.


Recruiting and Retaining Emergency Service Personnel


In 2015, the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri (FFAM) received a federal SAFER grant. The FFAM's goal with this grant is to recruit and retain firefighters throughout Missouri. Developed in a partnership between the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri and the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training InstituteRecruiting Emergency Service Volunteers and Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers are two programs that will be presented across the state in an effort to keep Missouri fighting fires!

Strategies of Leadership: Recruiting & Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers


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