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MU FRTI Online Classes

MU FRTI offers multiple courses that are adminstered and attended completely online. These courses are hosted by University of Missouri Extension and administered directly by MU FRTI. This is one more way MU FRTI provides the training you need at your conveinence.



These online courses are hosted by the University of Missouri Extension. In order to enroll in any of these courses you will need to create an Extension Passport. Once you have created an Extension Passport you will have access to all courses provided by MU Extension. Clicking the Enroll Now button for any of these courses will link you to instructions on how to create your Extension Passport and enroll in these courses.


Online Classes

Blended Learning

Time is money and training is expensive. Covering shifts, moving trucks, taking vacation and paying registration fees can all be a challenge. Getting to training shouldn’t be the challenging part!

MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute is now offering a limited catalog of blended learning courses. Each of these classes trade a significant portion of travel and classroom time for the convenience of structured, interactive online learning and remote instructor support. Each course schedule is designed to provide effective learning and a positive experience. Some titles require self-paced online studying before coming to class while others meet for a day and then interact online for a set timeframe. All classes are supported by instructors and a MU FRTI staff member, readily available by email and telephone.

Forget 40 hours in a classroom, train on your schedule! Sign up for a blended learning offering today!


Blended Learning Courses

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Summer Fire School Blended Learning Classes


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