Fire Officer Certificate Program

Fire Officer Certificate Program

This certificate program provides the knowledge and responsibilities for current or aspiring company officers. To successfully complete the certificate program you must complete 322 hours out of a possible 376 contact hours of instruction. This certificate program exceeds the requirements of Fire Officer I and II according to NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.

New Fire Officer Certificate Program
MU FRTI will no longer be accepting applications for the current Fire Officer Certificate Program after July 31, 2018. We apologize for the delay in launching the updated version of the Fire Officer Certificate Program. We are currently working through the approval process to meet the academic requirements necessary to provide you with a program that will meet our standards. Please be patient with us as we continue to work towards bringing you a new and improved Fire Officer Certificate Program.



When can I register?

You can register at anytime. You will have four years from the date of enrollment to complete the program.

NOTE: This program is subject to change as courses change or become unavailable. Participants enrolled in the program are guaranteed the ability to graduate with courses listed at the time of enrollment.


What is the cost for the certificate program?

There is a one time enrollment processing fee of $50.00. Many of these programs are available at little or no cost through state or federal grants. Individual tuition fees may also apply.



Can I use previous training?

Yes you can. Upon your enrollment into the program, we will review your MU FRTI transcript and determine which courses will apply. We also will accept certificates or transcripts from third party providers for courses listed in the program. Certificates are subject to authentication. Please submit these certificates when enrolling.


How do I track the courses I’ve taken?

MU FRTI will enter your enrollment and track all courses you have taken that are part of the certificate program from the date of enrollment. A transcript of the certificate program will be available annually upon request.


Do I receive certificates for each course I’ve taken?

Yes, individual course completion certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, when you have successfully fulfilled the requirement you will be presented with a special Fire Officer certificate from MU FRTI.


Special Recognition

This non-credit certificate program is recognized by the United States Fire Administration/National Fire Academy.