Missouri Emergency Services Instructor Conference


The conference consists of a general session with keynote speakers and is followed by instructor workshops. The goal of these presentations is to prepare and broaden the training abilities of emergency service professionals.




General Session

A general session will kick-off the conference. The Instructor of the Year award will be presented to an outstanding MU FRTI adjunct instructor. In addition, you will hear program updates from the Missouri Division of Fire Safety and MU FRTI.



During the general session, nationally recognized speakers will present topics that relate to and inform emergency service professionals.


Keynote Presentations

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Fire Service - Wake Up!
Brian Kazmierzak

This fast-paced keynote will look at the fire service through history and what has changed but also what has stayed the same. During the lecture we will visit several topics including but not limited to: firefighting history, firefighter safety, fire dynamics, PPE, EMS and staffing. This keynote will use a combination of video, lecture and discussion to look at the modern fire service and where we have come from over the years and what the future has in store for us!

Profession Or Club: Training and Practicing in the Fire Service
Aaron Fields

A discussion that examines discipline and accountability as internal virtues, rather than external guides for both individuals and groups. Along with a focus on how training and preparation is paramount to professional performance levels. Also examined is how training provides the backbone for competence and moral.


Attend in-depth presentations on subjects that are designed to inform and expand your abilities as an instructor.


Continuing Education Credit

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety has approved continuing education credits for most of the preconference classes and all of the conference workshops.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)