Missouri Emergency Services Instructor Conference


During the preconference, instructors have the opportunity to attend a blended learning class, instructor update or a traditional train-the-trainer. These deliveries are chosen with the intent to elevate the knowledge and skills of instructors that participate.


Blended Learning Classes


Instructor Update Classes


Train-the-Trainer Classes


Blended Learning

Online blended learning classes trade a significant portion of travel and classroom time for the convenience of structured, interactive online learning, including remote instructor support. Participants are required to attend the first day of class at the preconference with a laptop. The remainder of the instructor-led class is completed online.


Instructor Update

Instructor update classes provide critical information and procedures that may have changed for specific courses over time.



Train-the-Trainer classes are reserved for instructors certified by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. If you are not affiliated with a Missouri fire department, this requirement may be waived. Participants will receive the curriculum and training to deliver the selected course as a MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute Registered Program*. Contact MU FRTI for delivery requirements.

Participants will receive:

  1. Instructor Guide
  2. Digital media to support the course


*What is a Registered Program

The registered course program provides an opportunity for state certified instructors to teach the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute courses within their organization. Certified fire service instructors may qualify to teach courses under the registered program by successfully completing an MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute’s Train-the-Trainer course. Qualified instructors may then register a course they teach within their own organization with the Institute.

Participants who complete a registered course conducted under MU FRTI guidelines will have the contact hours for that course added to their MU FRTI student record and the course will appear on their official transcript.

A Registered Program administrative fee of $400.00 per class will be assessed.

Registered Program Requirements

  • Instructors must hold and maintain certification by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety at the minimum level of Fire Service Instructor I in order to participate. (If you are not affiliated with a Missouri Fire Department, this requirement can be waived)
  • Certified instructors must successfully complete the MU FRTI Train-the Trainer for the registered course.
  • The course must be taught as designed using instructor and student materials and teaching aids obtained from MU FRTI.
  • Participants must complete official MU FRTI registration forms.
  • Tests, if applicable, must be administered under MU FRTI guidelines.
  • MU FRTI course evaluations must be completed by each student.