Equipment Exposition

Winter Fire School



12:00-8:00 p.m., Friday, February 7, 2020

As emergency services professionals you must have knowledge, skills, and equipment to perform your duties. The classes you attend at fire school are offered to enhance your skills and knowledge in your profession. As a bonus, the Equipment Exposition offers you a chance to learn more about what equipment is available to assist in your job. This is your opportunity to see the latest and best apparatus and equipment and to have questions answered by dealers and representatives of private and government agencies.

Once again this year, a broad range of exhibitors displaying a spectrum of emergency services products will be on hand. The equipment exposition has developed a reputation for an opportunity to be informed about equipment on the cutting edge of technology to assist in the performance of your job!



The Equipment Exposition will be held at the Columbia Expo Center in the Holiday Inn Executive Center.

Holiday Inn Executive Center
2200 I-70 Drive SW
Columbia, MO 65203

2019 Vendor List

  • 3M Scott Safety
  • 911 Rescue Products
  • A&W Communications, Inc.
  • Air Cleaning Technologies
  • Air Methods Corporation
  • Akron Brass Company
  • Alex Air Apparatus
  • Alexis Fire Equipment
  • American Response Vehicles, Inc.
  • Banner Fire Equipment, Incorporated
  • Boone County Fire Protection District
  • Burns Recovered Support Group
  • Buy Board
  • C-T Industrial
  • C.E.T. Fire Pumps
  • California Casualty
  • CAN-AM Police and Fire Games
  • Columbia Memorial Stair Climb
  • Command 1 LLC
  • Command Communications
  • Conrad Fire Equipment
  • Cummins Sales & Service
  • Danko Emergency Equipment Company
  • Deep South Fire Trucks, Inc.
  • Discount Communications
  • E.D. Bullard Company
  • EA Medical LLC
  • Eagle Engraving
  • Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company
  • Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, Inc.
  • EMS Professionals, Inc.
  • Engine Company Leather LLC
  • Euramco Safety
  • Everyone Goes Home Program
  • Federal Signal
  • Feld Fire Equipment
  • Fire and Rescue Training Institute
  • Fire Master Fire Equipment, Inc.
  • Fire Programs Software
  • Firefighters Association of Missouri
  • Firefighters Museum Project
  • Fisher Sportswear
  • Foster Coach Sales
  • Harrison Hydra-Gen
  • Heiman Fire Equipment
  • HOT Fire & Safety Equipment Company
  • Jon’s Mid America Fire Apparatus
  • Kenco Fire Equipment, Incorporated
  • Kinsey Emergency Equipment
  • Leo M. Ellebracht Company
  • Lion Apparel
  • Macqueen Emergency Group
  • Mercer Equipment, LLC
  • Midwest Breathing Air L.L.C.
  • Missouri Association of Fire Districts
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • Missouri Division of Fire Safety
  • Missouri Emergency Response Commission
  • Missouri Fire Apparatus
  • Missouri Fire Chaplains Corps
  • Missouri Fire Service Charity BBQ Smoke-Out
  • Missouri Fire Service Funeral Team
  • Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
  • Missouri Special Districts Insurance
  • Missouri State Approving Agency
  • Missouri Vocational Enterprises
  • Municipal Emergency Services, Inc
  • National Fire Safety Council
  • Next Gen Hero Project
  • NROUTE Enterprises LLC
  • Osage Industries
  • Ozark Rescue Suppliers
  • Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles
  • Pipeline Association of Missouri (PAM)
  • Precision Fire Apparatus, Inc.
  • Prentice Enterprises
  • Pro Fusion Fab LLC
  • Progressive Intelligence Technologies
  • REBOOT Alliance
  • Reis Environmental
  • Rowe CAFS LLC
  • Sentinel Emergency Solutions LLC
  • Show Me Home Fire Safety, LLC
  • Super Vacuum Manufacturing/Command Lights
  • Sutphen Corporation
  • Taylor's Tins
  • TBS Electronics, Inc.
  • TG Technical Services
  • The Safety Network, Inc
  • Toyne Fire Apparatus
  • TransLectric
  • Tri-Lakes Fire Apparatus
  • TRK Specialties
  • VFIS / Partners Insurance
  • Wheeled Coach Industries, Incorporated
  • Whelen Engineering Company
  • WILL-BURT Company
  • Wireless U.S.A.
  • Worksafe Center